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Printed, framed, labelled and ready to be displayed!

As soon as Kaiser started picking up the camera down here in Bristol, he was already talking about going round our local pubs to see if he could sell them. Like his approach with anything, he had a naive excitement that was just enlightening to watch as it meant he had no fear. He didn’t let the potential rejection stop him from trying, he just saw it as something he wanted and to go for it. This is something that I am going to try and adopt in my own life.

Alex was a delightfully persistant and determined man, hell - it was thanks to his persistence and belief in his love for me that got us together, the chase was a long one!

It makes me so proud that I am going to be able to help him fulfill another one of his dreams that he was chasing, by getting his photos up on the walls of The Kings Arms, Whiteladies Road, Bristol. People will be able to enjoy them, appreciate his talent and, hopefully, buy one to take home with all profits going to The Kaiser Challenge.

The fact that he is not here to see it makes it a bittersweet achievement and my heart both swells with pride and breaks a little more when I look at his photos and think about how happy this would make him.

All for you my boy, I will focus on the smile through the tears. I’m so proud of you and one of my wedding vows has never been so applicable;

“I promise to never stop believing in you and supporting all the fantastic things that you do”

Much love,


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